Before starting out it is very important to check that your little ones balance bike is assembled correctly and is safe to ride. The tires should be pumped up and should be fairly firm. The seat and handle bars should not be wobbly and should be tightened once adjusted to the correct height. If your chosen balance bike has brakes you must ensure that these are working correctly.

If you have one of our Metal balance bikes, adjust their seat height to a height which allows the child to touch to floor with their feet rather than toes. This will help prevent injuries if they lose their balance and topple over. Again, if your balance bike has a brake ensure that they are able to reach the lever.

Check out our assembly videos for more information regarding safe assembly.

To be safe and keep your child’s head protected make sure their helmet is worn safely and correctly. To protect their hands from grazes why not purchase a pair of our gloves, we ensure that they will fit even the littlest of hands!

  1. Familiarize your little one with their balance bike, you may have to demonstrate how they should get on and off the bike. It is important that your child is able to get on and off their balance bike independently.
  2. Encourage your child to stand with the bike in between their legs holding the handlebars. Explain that they need to walk with the bike and to stop they need to just place their feet on the ground and apply the brake slowly if the bike has one.
  3. After they have got to grips with walking with their bike you can start to introduce getting them to sit and scoot with their feet to get the bike to move.
  4. If you are able to introduce a slight hill or slope your little one will be more likely to lift their feet of the ground and balance. It is recommended that they do this on a grass area to help cushion a fall.
  5. Once they’ve mastered the art of lifting their feet off the ground you can then introduce steering. This is where their balance will improve as they can lean and turn the handlebar at the same time!
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