Avoid leaving your Kiddimoto balance bike outside for long periods. Water damage from rain can lead to the wood swelling and for the bearings to rust and not run freely. Sun damage can cause paint to fade over time. Both sun and rain will make your Kiddimoto balance bike grow old too soon.

You can sand any rough edges or chips with fine sand paper. You can use a standard bicycle puncture repair kit for flat tyres. If you have any broken parts please contact Kiddimoto customer service and we will be happy to help. Please email us at inquiries.mp@bullseyeph.com.

When it’s time to clean your Kiddimoto balance bike, try to wipe with a dry cloth first. If a damp cloth is needed to remove dirt, moisten the cloth just to clean. Wipe away moisture and let it air dry.

Never clean Kiddimoto toys with polish. Polish contains toxic substances that may be harmful to children. Never use harsh detergents or chemicals that could damage your Kiddimoto. Involve your child in the care of their Kiddimoto and they will stay in top condition for years!

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