Balance Bike Accessories from  Kiddimoto – The Balance Bike Experts!


To keep your little one’s head safe during their balance bike adventures, kit them out in a Kiddimoto helmet. Complete with a rear wheel adjuster, internal padding plus adjustable straps all help to ensure a perfect snug fit.

You can get the helmet in a matching design or color to your little ones balance bike or you can mix it up and choose something different!


Let your little one make some noise with one of our bike bells. These are also great for older children to make some noise when they are out and about independently.

Go little for a “DING” and go large for a “DONG”!

Available in small and large the Kiddimoto bell is suitable for balance bikes and U-Zoom scooters.


For extra protection and to prevent grazes why not get some gloves to match your child’s bike. Kiddimoto gloves are great as they have padded palms and are made from breathable lycra-backed fabric which makes them perfect to use all year round!

The gloves are available in small and medium and come with a Velcro wrist strap to help them fit the smallest of hands.


For those days where 2 pairs of hands aren’t enough why not kit your little one out with a Kiddimoto backpack. The backpacks come in our 3 cool designs; Pastel Dotty, Skullz and Union Jack.

All Balance Bike Accessories

They’ve got no pedals but are the perfect introduction to cycling for toddlers and pre-schoolers

A balance bike is a bike without pedals designed to teach children how to cycle without having to use stabilisers.

It’s a question we hear often at Kiddimoto, and it’s an entirely understandable one. People are used to seeing bikes with pedals so the sight of a bike without them can be an unusual one.

But the lack of pedals on our balance bikes is entirely deliberate and designed to help prepare children for a lifetime of cycling.

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