Yes parents, it is still the summer holidays! But do not fret, we’ve compiled a list of simple things to do with the kids to keep them (and you!) entertained!

1 – Of course our number one thing to do with the kids is get out on your bikes! Whether it is a Kiddimoto balance bike, another balance bike (we’ll let you off) a pedal bike or even a scooter – getting outdoors on your bike is always an adventure. From planning a cross country trail to cycling round the local park, get out there!

2 – Get your Bake Off, on! Cookies, brownies or a simple no bake flapjack – get creative in the kitchen – no arguements over who gets to lick the spoon!

3 – Play a board game! A particular favourite at Kiddimoto hq involves some hungry hippopotamuses!

4 – Water fight! Unless there is a hosepipe ban – easily swap water for pillows….

5 – Make some ice lollies, they do not have to be Pinterest worthy masterpieces, a bit of blackcurrant squash and a freezer is just as good!

6 – Have a picnic, so easy to do in the garden – we love a jam sandwich!

7 – Have an ice cream, or two.

8 – Build a den! You can really get creative with this one, plus if it’s outdoors it is a great way to keep in the shade!

9 – Visit a library. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!

10 – Go to a museum, most smaller museums are free to visit or only require a donation for entry

11 – Blow some bubbles! (and pop them, that’s the best part.)

12 – Take a bus ride

13 – Write some poems, who knows, you may have the next Wordsworth on your hands!

14 – Have a ‘no talking’ contest (great excuse for some peace and quiet, for the two seconds it lasts!)

15 – Wash the car – another thing off your list!

16 – Get a pet rock, perhaps call it Rocky?

17 – Camp in the back garden, we all miss home comforts when we’re away anyway!

18 – Make a treasure hunt and map.

19 – Visit a pet shop

20 – Make an obstacle course

21 – Make a kite

22 – Mudpies! SO. MUCH. FUN!

23 – Learn Origami

24 – Tie dye some t-shirts, or get some fabric pens!

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